Journey from the dark

leprosy in Spain and the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries – the Norwegian connection

For most Europeans today, leprosy is a disease associated either with biblical history or, if they are aware of its continued existence, with poverty and the so called ’developing countries’. Few will be aware of its more recent and indeed, its continued, presence in the developed world. ”Journey from the Dark” provides a fascinating insight in to the recent history of leprosy in Norway, the United States and Spain and Kirsten Milnes’ in-depth research has brought to life some of the intertwined social, personal and often political links which have moulded the history of this disease and the lives of those affected by it in these three countries. While leprosy has declined and all but disappeared in many countries, this interesting and detailed book shows that we still have much to learn from the leprosy world when we face up to the continuing challenges of how to tackle stigma and discrimination in our society today.

Douglas Soutar
General Secretary of the International Federation
of Anti Leprosy Associations


Kirsten Lolita Milnes



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